I have slowly been switching over to a tradition that involves making all my gifts to family and friends.

This toy box was an excuse to give a give partially assembled and then spend time with the recipient, building and painting.

My nephew wanted to help a lot and with a nail gun it was quite fun for a 6 y/o. I applied glue on the edges and he brushed the glue on the edges and I would hold the nail gun. He would pull the trigger and giggle. Once we were done with the upper and lower parts, he painted them his favorite colors. After the paint dried we installed the hardware using a small electric screw driver, he is a pro at this so with pre-drilled holes he had a lot of fun. I strong recommend using a drill with a clutch dialed way down so the screws will not be over driven.

My 4 y/o niece was less interested in building but had a lot of fun painting.

I reminded my sister that these boxes are not heirloom pieces and the goal is to build things and repair or replace as needed. Over time it would be cool to see small builds throughout their bedrooms. Spending time with these kids is important and it is a lot of fun to see their skills as little builders improve.

Merry Christmas.