I found this LED light at Home Depot in the Christmas bargain bin for 13.00. It is certainly bright but the AA batteries leave something to be desired.

Another good chance to modify a power source by adding some 18650 Lithium Ion cells.

I took the 4 corner screws and rubber guards out and measure the current the LED board was using while on. It was pulling around 2 amps. With the AA batteries in series producing 6v @ 1.5 amps, this light will not last but a few hours and it will quickly get less bright after less than an hour.

Lithium Ion to the rescue!

I had to cut the old battery compartment out using a Ryobi Scroll saw. I could easily fit 3- 18650s with the extra room. I ground the top and bottom each cell and soldered them into a 3p configuration. (Please use EXTREME CAUTION when soldering on 18650 cells, this is dangerous and I would never do this in real life). This will provide 4.2v @ 6 amps. This will provide 2 amps for nearly 3 hours and they are rechargeable! I added a few anderson powerpoles into the housing for recharging and painted the now sealed battery door (hot glue) with spray paint.