Bug Zapper

Build this rechargeable bug zapper out of cheaply sourced parts

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LED Light Upgrade

A simple 18650 upgrade to create a more powerful, longer lasting, rechargeable work light

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Toy Box

A simple gift idea/build for kids

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Portable Power

Build this portable Lithium Ion Battery Pack

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RV Furnace Repair

My pop up camper furnace would not stay lit. The exhaust flow was reduced. With the help of an endoscope camera for my smart phone I was able to locate the wasp/bee hive.

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Spent a few hours helping Mikey with some demolition!

Chain Saw Box Build

The start of my chain saw box. I like the idea of keeping all of the items together so I can simply add the box to the back of the truck and I don't need to worry about forgetting the bar oil.

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